Document Shredder - Model 36-30, 40 HP Single Shaft Grinder

Document Shredder - Model 36-30, 40 HP Single Shaft Grinder

$37,900 FOB China

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In some of our models we use our Patent Pending Drive which is also a major innovation that allows for almost the same throughput performance, using 50% to 75% less Horsepower.

The New Generation of Shredders has arrived. Be one of the first to benefit from this advanced design technology.

Enclosed are the Standard Specifications for the Global Single Shaft Grinder Model 36-30 Unit, 40 HP, Mild Steel,Single Drive, Single Shaft Grinder.

This shredder is based on the basic, but proven designs of the ReTech, Vecoplan, Weima, Zeno, Gross, Haas, and Linder Designs and incorporates designs of these machines to ensure its optimum performance.

The Standard Machine is priced at $37,900.00 FOB China.

The units can also be offered with a cart dumper for an additional introductory price of $2,500.00.

The machine is provided with a 36" by 48" flared infeed hopper feeding the 36" by 30" opening of the grinder. The Rotor is 15" in diameter and 36" long with a 40-50 Hp drive motor driven with a Belt and Gearbox Design. The unit has a swing hinge discharge door that allows for total access of the grinding rotor and also the sizing screens. We will provide these units with a standard 2", 1.5" or ï½¾" screen.

The Units are supplied with Variable Frequency Drives using 460 Volt 3 Phase power. The control panel and motor starter panel are shipped with the unit and are PLC operated for modern functional control.

We can begin manufacturing immediately and anticipate a 30 to 35 day lead time for the units to be completed. We will coordinate the shipping with our customs broker and you should anticipate a cost of about $3,500.00 for the shipment plus some packaging costs which normally are around $500.00 per unit.

We also have a discharge auger system which we are offering for about $2,500.00 and even if you elect to not purchase this selection we may bring them in with the shipment to allow all of us the option for an immediate discharge method for these units that will be suitable for many buyers. Conveyances from the units are easy and can be accommodated with your present conveyor system.

With this in mind I offer you the following prices:

Model 3630, 50 Hp Single Shaft Grinder with stand, infeed hopper, electric motor, motor control and starter box..$37,900.00 each.

Downpayment is 50% with order and the balance when notified of manufacturing completion. Payment is normally made via wire transfer.

Payment for additional options, $2,500.00 for cart dump, and/or $2,500.00 for discharge auger is paid in full with the order.

Payment for shipping, taxes and duty will be paid to our group when advised by our shipping agents in China and USA, which is normally prior to shipment from China and again upon arrival in USA.

Startup supervision provided. Two manuals provided with layout drawings with order. One year Warranty Period.